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10 Abundance Affirmations

Listen and speak these 10 abundance affirmations into your life to increase or cultivate your abundance mentality.


Abundance Affirmations
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10 Abundance AffirmationsBetter Than Just OK
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  1. I trust that the universe is always providing for me.

  2.  My life is overflowing with abundance and prosperity. 

  3. I am worthy of having everything I desire. 

  4. I am grateful for all the abundance that surrounds me. 

  5. I attract abundance effortlessly and easily. 

  6. I am open to receiving all the abundance that comes my way. 

  7. I am deserving of living a life of abundance and joy. 

  8. I am a magnet for wealth and success. 

  9. Abundance flows into my life in many different ways. 

       10. The universe is conspiring to bring me everything I desire.

Abundance Affirmations
Download M4A • 1.89MB


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