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30 Morning Affirmations for Women

Say these 30 rhyming morning affirmations to start the day feeling blessed, happy, and confident.


30 Rhyming Morning Affirmations
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30 Morning Affirmations for WomenBetter Than Just OK
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  1. I wake up each day with a smile on my face,

  2. Ready to embrace the challenges I'll face.

  3. I am confident and strong, nothing can bring me down,

  4. I am grateful for my blessings, both big and small in this town.

  5. I choose to let go of negativity and fear,

  6. And focus on the positive, my vision is clear.

  7. I am worthy of love and respect from others,

  8. And I give the same to myself and my sisters and brothers.

  9. I am beautiful inside and out,

  10. And I radiate positivity without a doubt.

  11. I trust myself and my abilities,

  12. And I know that I can overcome any obstacles with ease.

  13. I am deserving of success and happiness,

  14. And I confidently pursue my goals with grace and finesse.

  15. I am kind and compassionate to myself and others,

  16. And I always treat people with respect and dignity, my sisters and brothers.

  17. I am grateful for my health and well-being,

  18. And I take care of myself physically, emotionally and mentally, seeing.

  19. My mind is clear and my heart is light,

  20. And I start each day feeling just right.

  21. I am strong and I am brave,

  22. And I face each challenge with the power to pave

  23.  I am filled with love and gratitude,

  24. And my positive energy radiates with magnitude.

  25. I am confident and I am bold,

  26. And I am excited to see what the day will hold.

  27. I am peaceful and I am serene,

  28. And I let go of stress and embrace each moment clean.

  29. Today is going to be a wonderful day,

  30. I can't wait to see the good things that will come my way.

30 Rhyming Morning Affirmations
Download M4A • 5.04MB


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