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Managing money in the midst of life's other priorities is no easy task. Women of all ages and backgrounds struggle with the pressure to earn enough, access education, care for a family, and plan retirement.
For this reason, we've created what we believe to be the most comprehensive, easy-to-read guide on financial literacy specifically for women. I believe our Women's Financial Literacy can help women seriously heighten their financial health.

Helping Survivors

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Helping Survivors is part of a growing movement of concerned citizens, survivors, and professionals working to ensure the right of every person to build a life free from the devastating consequences of sexual assault and abuse.


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Àyànfé tells stories of transformation to show you what you already know, which is your feelings as a Nigerian woman matters. Àyànfé centers on the experiences of Nigerian women. Our lives are full of a range of stories that deserve to be told. So tell your fears, your joy, your lessons, your silences, your curiosities, your desire, your rage, your hatred. Tell what transformed you and how you want to be transformed. Tell it all. I hope Àyànfé gives you the space to show yourself in all the ways you desire as a Nigerian woman.

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