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Written By: Kemora

Into the world of the unknown was she begotten

Plugged off from her mother's breast

In her fragile state was made to face them all

For her innocence she was taunted

For her love she was abused

Her meek heart broken into a million pieces

Her hospitality became a trip to her down fall

She stare at the faces that did this to her

In them were no eyes to see her pains

Nose to breathe to her love

Ears to hear her scream

Mouth to speak comfort to her soul

In them she saw herself, of the same kind were they

She couldn't blame them

Carrying in her were her past pain, suffering and tribulations

Of course they were of the same kind but she is different

In her lies life

Might be all alone today

But just as she came in existence

She awaits for nature to repeat herself

For one day their paths shall cross

And at that moment with their pieced heart

Shall they teach and bring forth life in them

To all that are dead.

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