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Worthy and Worth It

Written By : Stephduchess

There are days I look into the mirror and see great beauty,

there are days I wince at the sight of my reflection.

There are days I feel unstoppable and invincible,

and there are days when minor chores elude me.

Sometimes I wake up ready to take on the world,

and other times I can barely get out of bed to take a walk.

There are days when I am a motivational speaker,

and other days, I can't find the will to carry on.

Some days I feel strong and capable,

other days I'm weak and very shaky.

However I feel on any given day, one truth remains unflichingly certain.

I am worthy, and I am worth it.

Always have been, and always will be

And nobody is allowed to make me feel otherwise.

Not even me.

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