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The Best Gratitude Affirmations Especially for Gloomy Days

What are Gratitude Affirmations?

It is easy to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by what we lack in life, and sometimes, it causes us to lose sight of what we do have. Gratitude is a scientifically-proven healing practice. More often than not, saying or writing out the things that are working and appreciating them puts things into perspective and helps you to realise that you have more things going right than you thought. This boosts your confidence and improves your disposition, motivating you.

Gratitude affirmations take it a step further. You don't just state the things that you're thankful for, you express gratitude for the things you wish to happen as if they have already manifested.

Why are Gratitude Affirmations Iportant?

Gratitude affirmations are important for your wellness. They put you in the mind frame of what you expect to happen in your life by expressing gratitude for it. Affirming these things daily has a way of opening up your heart and increasing the positive energy around you, making it your reality. Below are 16 of the best gratitude affirmations you can say to yourself, especially when you're feeling gloomy.

16 Gratitude Affirmations to Tell Yourself Every day, Especially at Bedtime

  1. I am grateful for the gift of life every day.

  2. I am grateful that like a beautiful flower, I bloom wherever I am planted.

  3. I am grateful that like a star, I shine bright in the dark.

  4. I am grateful that I am a magnet for success, and that everything I touch becomes a success.

  5. I am grateful that nothing is ever too difficult for me to do, and that anything I set my mind to, I achieve.

  6. I am grateful that everything setback is an opportunity for me to learn, grow and evolve.

  7. I am grateful that I am as bright as the sun, and I bring light to wherever I am.

  8. I am grateful that no challenge ever fazes me, and that no situation can put me down.

  9. I am grateful that everything always works out for my good, even when I don’t realise it at the time.

  10. I am grateful that I am blessed to be a part of this amazing Universe.

  11. I am grateful that grace and favour always follow me.

  12. I am grateful for this wonderful body I've been blessed with, and everything it does to help me function.

  13. I am grateful for the inner peace that I feel in the midst of any storm because I know there's always a rainbow after the storm.

  14. I am grateful that nothing and nobody can steal my joy.

  15. I am grateful that all I have to do is ask, and I receive.

  16. I am grateful for everything that happened today, and I am grateful that tomorrow will be better.

Watch the affirmations in a video.


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